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This page is dedicated to Honoring Our Fallen

(A Non-Profit Organization)

Please read before making purchase:
You can order multiple numbers of hats when you click on "Buy Now" button, however at this time you are able to purchase one type/style/color tag at a time. Once the purchase is complete you can close the secure ordering tab and return to this page to make additional purchases. There is no fee to customize/ name personalization at this time. Allow 5 additional days for laser engraving. Most common is "last name". There is a $7 shipping and handling fee for each item.

Each Honoring our Fallen Hat has a
Symbolic Dog Tag with the United States flag with "In God We Trust" (anodized color aluminum dog tag replica) sewn to high quality hat. 25 percent of proceeds go to Honoring Our Fallen.org

Each hat purchase comes with free dog tag chain

"These Colors Don't Run" tags will be available soon.
Feel free to contact us with any questions or help in placing orders!

You can check the Honoring Our Fallen website for more information about their services

Honoring Our Fallen Hat

Honoring Our Fallen Hat


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